The Cause of WW I

The Main Cause

Archduke Francis Ferdinand

History books record that World War I started when the nations went to war to avenge the killing of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the Habsburg throne, on June 28, 1914.

 Sinking of Lusitania the Cause of America Involved in WW
News of the sinking of Lusitania

The next step in the maneuvering of the United States into the war came when Cunard Lines, owner of the ship, Lusitania, the ship turned to the First Admiral Sir Winston Churchill. Now become a British Navy ship and under the control of the British government.
The ship was sent to New York City where he was loaded with six million rounds of ammunition, which is owned by JP Morgan & Co., to be sold to England and France to help their war against Germany.
It is known that the very wealthy are interested in involving the American government in the war, and Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan was the person who made this record. "As Secretary [Bryan] had anticipated, the large banking interests that are very interested in World War because of wide opportunities for large profits On August 3, 1914,. Even before the actual clash of arms, Rothschild Freres French cable company to Morgan and Company in New York suggest flotation of a loan of $ 100,000,000, an important part of that should be abandoned in the United States, to pay for French purchases of American goods. "
Britain broke the German war code on December 14, 1914, that "In late January 1915, [British Intelligence] can tell the Marine's departure every such U-boat patrol departed ...."
This means that the First Lord the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, knew where every U-boat around the English Channel that separates England and France.
Ocean liner set sail for England has been at war with Germany. The German government has placed advertisements in newspapers in New York warned the American people to consider whether or not to sail with the ship to England that they will sail into a war zone, and that the liner could drown.
Secretary Bryan promised that "he will try to persuade the President (Woodrow Wilson) is open to warn Americans not to travel [ship Lusitania] No warning issued by the President,. But no doubt that President Wilson was told the character of the cargo destined for the Lusitania He .'s okay .... "
Although Wilson declared American neutrality in European war, in accordance with previous warnings from George Washington, his government secretly planned to involve the American people to have the Lusitania sunk
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